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     Houston Homeschoolers Cooperative (HHC) is a support and advocacy group for families of homeschoolers in the Greater Houston area.  Our mission is to assist families with their efforts to provide quality education in the home learning environment.

  • To be legal in Texas:

  • Homeschooling must be done in a bona fide manner, utilize a written or visual curriculum,  and cover the five specific topics of grammar, reading, spelling, mathematics, and good citizenship.

  • Parents/guardians must take responsibility for the actual education of his/her child but can delegate the instruction and/or tutoring to others.



      It is our policy is to provide the best academic support services to homeschooling parents. Our tutors are certified/degreed, former or retired educators with prior experience working with diverse students. They are fully trained in our curricula, and receive ongoing training from our administrator.

Our Administrator

      Dr. Lorina A. Parker is Director of Curriculum and Instruction for HHC. She has a Doctor of Education degree and is a retired educator from Aldine Independent School District. She has written instruction and curricula for both regular and special needs students. She is presently an Adjunct professor for St. Thomas University. 

Dr. Parker is responsible for the implementation and review of our curriculum, as well as the training of HHC's tutors.


Our Affiliations

     HHC is a member of the Texas Home School Coalition,  as a Home School Cooperative. Our Group Leader is Mrs. Luzmila Lacruz. We also belong to the Gulf Coast Home School Educators Coalition and the Minority Home Schoolers of Houston Group.



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